Saturday, April 18, 2015


I took this screenshot of the blog tonight,
when I sat down to write.
(As always, a left-click should embiggen snaps.)

I have not wanted to mention the countdown,
but I have been checking it weekly since December. 
About 7 times weekly, in fact.
I wanted so much for Tsuga to have her first kid this year.

Well, goats can really keep you guessing.
But with only three days left in the countdown,
I might as well mention it.

Is Tsuga pregnant?

No, she is not.

Not anymore.

This afternoon Tsuga had this perfect little baby girl.

And a few minutes later, Tsuga had this perfect little baby girl.

She had two.
Two lovely little girls.
Two babies who have been washed and nudged
and fed and nickered to
and watched over and counted
and washed again
pretty much non-stop for the past several hours.

The kids have been getting lots of naps.
I saw Tsuga yawn once,
but I don't think she has closed her eyes.

Tonight, the new mama and babies have the barn to themselves,
while five rowdy roommates enjoy their first camp-out of 2015.

Night-night Tsuga.
Aren't you a lovely girl yourself.