Wednesday, June 6, 2018

the twelve-legged goat

Just a quick post to show you the first-ever photograph of a twelve-legged goat. I know, it's a bit murky and it's hard to see all the legs, but there are definitely twelve. This is an eye-witness account, and you heard it here first.

Yes, Vinca had her babies this morning! A boy at about 1030 and a girl about 9 minutes later. All are doing well, and Vinca - a first-time mama at the age of 4 - is being just wonderful. A natural.

They are having lots of quiet, private bonding time today, but you may expect one or two pictures of cashmere kids in the near future.

Afternoon update:
I got a reasonably clear snap of the babies.
You may have to click to embiggen; lots of black plush there.

Boy on left, girl on right.
Mama out of frame, but only about four inches away.