Tuesday, March 19, 2013

not a morning person

I woke up at 3 AM to find several inches of fresh snow, and more falling.

A few hours later, before suiting up and booting up for chores (snow still falling, by the way), I plodded into the parlor as I do every morning, in search of my Somewhat Faithful Sidekick.

Every morning I greet Piper with a cheery,
"GOOD morning, Pipergirl!  Would you like to go OUT?"

And this is the look I get:

I wait, trying not to laugh.  Piper does not move a muscle:

Piper is using the power of her mind.
She is willing me to go away, so she can go back to sleep.

This almost never works.

Today, after breaking away from the mesmeric stare, I peered out the window and saw nary a goat in the paddock.  They were still abed, perhaps watching the snow fall, and very likely nibbling leftover evening hay.  They certainly were not standing at the fence, staring at my bedroom window and waiting for their breakfast.

So today, Piper's amazing powers of mind control actually worked.  At least for a couple of hours.

I can now expect a challenge to pretty much anything I ask Piper to do in the next couple of days: come along, find your toy, go to the barn, etc. 
It will all result in The Look.
Piper is a very, very smart dog.