Wednesday, April 17, 2013

technical report

Well, this is embarrassing.

For a couple of weeks now, I've been vaguely surprised that so many of your blogs seemed to have gone quiet.

Coincidentally, during those two weeks I've been online maybe a half-hour per day.  And when I posted here on Comptonia, there were always a few of the most recent posts from you lovely bloggers in the sidebar.  So you see, I knew there were some posts, which I happily read.  But there were so few!  Also, it was odd the way many blogs I've been reading for years just dropped off the radar.  Very mysterious.

Well, maybe I've finally caught up on my sleep, because today it took me about 90 seconds to realize what had happened:

I changed one part of one habit.

Chaos.  It came.  

Flashback: a couple of weeks ago, I began to organize my (soon to be defunct) Google Reader page before transferring the blog list to another feed/reader.  But without actually choosing a replacement, all I did was create a bunch of new folders and move blogs around.  In short, I made a big mess.

Then I got distracted by life.  And forgot all about transferring, or further "organizing," or even looking at, my Google list.

This morning I needed to spend some time sitting quietly in the goat barn, monitoring the shifting power structure.  (It's true what they say, by the way: having kids does change everything.)  It seemed like a perfect time - because I am so organized and functional and techno-savvy and all - to switch to another reader.  So I plunked myself down in a lawn chair, blew two weeks of dust off my Google Reader page, and found just over a thousand new posts.


So as time permitted today, I've been visiting blogs and catching up on missed posts.  But gosh I have a lot of good reading to look forward to in the next few days!
How are others handling the blog-feed switch?  (Better than me, maybe??)  Did any of you choose Feedly?  I hope this was a good choice, but am unsure if the relationship between everyone's blogs will change when Google Reader disappears.  A big part of the reason I chose Blogger in the first place was the fact that I was already so thoroughly set up in Google Reader, and several things seemed designed to work smoothly together.

I suppose time will tell.  And after all, my feed/reader needs are simple.  I just need to actually read the feed!