Sunday, May 1, 2016


Dear readers,

In a fit of crazy optimism, I'd like to start drawing before #DrawingAugust2016, and since this is the first day of a lovely new month, what better time to dust off the sketchbook, elbow a few things aside on my worktable, and give it a go? Maybe not a drawing every day, but at least a daily attempt.

The good news is, there is inspiration everywhere I look.

You might imagine the result: I have drawn nothing.

I am immobilized by an overwhelming abundance of inspiration.

Not complaining! The world is glorious! drawing yet.

Help me out?

I've come up with a few simple subjects/themes, and made (I hope! it's an experiment) an interactive poll. Please click whichever choices strike your fancy, then click the "vote" button. I particularly invite readers who don't usually comment to "vote" in this little would be very encouraging to see a lot of clicks :)

Thank you!

what shall I draw? free polls