Friday, October 28, 2022


Working my way through a laundry basket full of green tomatoes from the terrace garden. Haven't found my recipe for the wonderful green tomato chutney I made in Colorado many years ago, which is unfortunate since a kettle of chutney would have used up half that basket and left my entire house smelling delicious. Instead there have been baking sheets of halved tomatoes, lightly coated in olive oil and slow-roasted in the oven. Also a salad of sliced green tomatoes and sliced strawberries, drizzled with bleu cheese dressing. And just a few whole tomatoes frozen, because here's something I learned today: green tomatoes do not slip their skins the way ripe ones do after a minute in boiling water.

Suggestions welcome! There are probably two dozen tomatoes still waiting, and yesterday Della pointed out a few more in the garden bed between the barns...

...but I'm hoping they will be safe there until I see the bottom of that laundry basket.