Thursday, July 26, 2018

thankful thursday

Daily Markmaking 2018 is still on - yesterday was #206! - and I've not yet been stumped for a subject. I enjoy the challenge of sketching plants, and I am conveniently surrounded by actual plants. I've been a photographer since 1989, so there are plenty of photographic subjects to revisit. And occasionally I work from a photograph posted by another blogger, or someone I've met on twitter. I do touch base with the photographer, and so far no one has minded.

Here's a visual shout-out to three bloggers
who didn't mind me fooling around with their photographs. 

Portrait of a ginger nut, with thanks to Jean at Delightful Repast (bonus: recipe at link!)

 July 12th

Thanks to Sue for sharing her graniteware on Granny Sue's News and Reviews:

February 4th

And thanks to Judy from Judy's Chickens, whose colorful Nashville garden photographs make me yearn for a longer growing season:

April 15th

On to #207!