Saturday, February 11, 2017

a note from saturday morning

Yesterday was refreshingly sunny.
Bright blue skies!
Fluffy wisps of clouds sailing by!

They were sailing, of course, because it was windy. It was also very cold.
Piper insisted on coming out for the first session of morning chores, but expressed a wish (immediately granted) to return to her cozy bed long before those chores were finished.

 "Okay, I see you have an adequate handle on the chores.
You can take it from here. I'll be in my office."

Meanwhile, at the sliding glass door on the porch, Moxie and Della have front-row seats for Squirrel Theatre. Performances scheduled daily, under the birdfeeders.

Della: "Athletic but incoherent performance."
Moxie: "I liked him much better as Hamlet."

More snow is predicted this weekend. And Monday.
Also: Wednesday and Thursday.

This morning, the sky is dense and grey again.
let's have another look at yesterday's sky, shall we?

Red oak, white pine, American beech.
Quercus rubra, Pinus strobus, Fagus grandifolia.
A dear and familiar skyscape.

Sugar maple and white birch.
Acer saccharum and Betula papyrifera.

When I want a lesson in survival,
I look to trees.

I hope your Saturday is beautiful.