Saturday, December 17, 2016

blimey o'reilly

Winter is well and truly here.
Yesterday morning it was -6F (-21C) in the sun.

The goats are all well-dressed for Winter, but I saw both Betula (above) and LeShodu (below) hold up one hoof for a few moments when I was collecting the empty breakfast buckets. Cold feet, goats? But they were not interested in going back into the barns.

On days like this, buckets contain extra oats, for extra warming power. Speaking of buckets...on each of the goatcams, one of the preset directions points directly down into a big water bucket.

Being able to check the water levels from inside the house is a functional luxury for me. Is the water is clean? Are the de-icers are working? If either answer is "no" it means getting out there immediately, night or day.

And the water level in each bucket tells me how many gallon jugs of water I'll need to set outside the door at chore times. That way I don't have to keep coming back inside, pulling off my boots (cleats and floors don't mix) and going to the sink to fill another jug while leaving clumps of melting snow all over the kitchen. 

The above picture was taken by a goatcam at about 1PM yesterday.
The goats choose to spend most of their time outside, so I throw hay down in several locations both in and out of the barns.
On such a bittercold day, that bright sun was very welcome.
Those looong Winter shadows at 1PM!

 Today, it's doing this.
Has been since last night.
Tiny, tiny flakes.

The view from right here, right now:

The original prediction was that the snow would stop by morning.
Then, it was predicted to stop at noon.
Now, it's predicted to stop at 2:45.

Glad the propane delivery came yesterday.

Also glad I have a tiny house.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday.
Stay warm - or cool - as appropriate for your hemisphere!