Thursday, July 4, 2019

world watercolor month

July is World Watercolor Month, and people all over the planet are trying to paint something every day and share it. Since my daily markmaking habit feels pretty solid (today is #550) I've decided to push myself a bit, by expanding beyond my usual sketchbook or card or miniature size. I have a watercolor pad of 11x15-inch sheets, and if that doesn't sound very large, let me tell you this: it looks vast to me before the brush first touches the paper! There are about 20 sheets in the many will I have to paint before it feels as comfortable as the 5.5x8.5-inch sketchbooks? This iceberg is painting #3, and it's the first one I like enough to share with you. I hope if you are having the kind of hot, humid weather we're having, the thought of ice and ocean will make you feel a little cooler for a moment or two.

Do you happily jump into new adventures,
or do you have to push yourself to try new things?
And if the  latter, how do you do it?
I'd love to hear!