Saturday, May 6, 2017

little miracles

Nature provided a visual extravaganza one afternoon this past week. Actually, it was Wednesday - Della's birthday! But this is a much shorter story than the previous one, I promise.

Piper and Moxie and Della and I had come in from working outdoors, and settled on the porch to take a little rest. I was looking out the window just as a mist began slowly falling, backlit by the sun. It was the very beginning of a sunshower!

As I watched, the rain very gradually became quite heavy, but it still fell slowly. Hard to describe...perhaps it was more "dense" than "heavy." Then it reversed, very gradually coming to a stop. All through the shower, the sun had never stopped shining.

It was such a gift to see the entire event from beginning to end. It felt like MY birthday!


This series of photographs was taken through the porch window over a total period of 1 minute and 33 seconds.
Amazing, no?