Thursday, June 13, 2019

wordy thursday

At the moment, rain or shine, my world is many shades of green.
These pictures were taken yesterday, when it wasn't raining.

I was checking a transplanted clump of Chelone lyonii
and there next to it was this razzle-dazzle:

A nice surprise - white spiderwort appearing in an unexpected place.

The first comfrey flowers of 2019:

Last year, my comfrey plant grew so tall and wide
it got flattened by it's own weight in a rainstorm.
And then continued to grow upward from it's prone position! It was huge.
I was told that comfrey doesn't need full sun, and "full sun" areas are at a premium here, so in the Autumn I divided the root mass and moved most of it to a new bed by the east boundary stone wall.
Now there are two plants, both doing nicely and beginning to bloom.
It remains to be seen if either or both will turn into another massive shrub-sized plant.

 Every year I look forward to jack-in-the-pulpit:

There are a couple of places where I expect to see it
and am careful not to cultivate until it is safely up.
But I always find it in other spots as well.
It often becomes hidden by other plants growing up around it -
as this one, now surrounded and overtopped by violets.

And concluding today's program:

one of the new rudbeckias.

Three are already blooming,and the fourth has several buds.
I don't know if any of the flowers will be as brown as my original plant,
but they are certainly bright and cheerful and very welcome.