Thursday, May 26, 2016

almost wordless thursday

After a long, cold Spring, we are suddenly having August.
The past few days have been extremely hot and muggy.


Today was, of necessity, a long day of outdoor projects. My hired helper came for four hours this afternoon, and I started two hours before he arrived. I'm happy - and a little surprised - that I stayed awake long enough to do the evening chores at the regular time.

Trout Lily

Before I call it a night, I just want to share a few recent snaps.
Very green, most of them.


And one, orange :)

A tiny Eft

It's exciting to see perennials I planted last year, returning.


And it's always a special joy to see beloved native plants again.


Violets and Columbine

Some of the most interesting plants appear in the Spring.

Jack in the Pulpit

And now, goodnight, dear readers.
I hope the weather is pleasant where you are!