Saturday, December 8, 2018

saturday sketch

This watercolor sketch is from a few days ago.
I wish I had taken a better photograph, during daylight,
but you get the idea.

Daily Markmaking continues...
hard to believe tonight will be #342.

What will it be?
And will I fall asleep in the middle of making it?
There have been some very close calls.
Daylight hours are so short and there is always so much to be done.
I almost never get out the sketchpad til nighttime, after chores are done and everyone has been fed. Most of the recent drawings and painting have been done while I'm snugged up in bed, with Moxie and Della anchoring me in place, and Piper within reach curled up in her new nest.

That's exactly the situation right now, in fact.
I'm the only one still awake, and I am very tired,
so I'd better get cracking.

I hope your weekend is going well!