Thursday, January 5, 2017

this week

I've been making soup and apple crisp.
Over and over.

Apple crisp is simple to make. And delicious.
I don't even tinker with the recipe except to sometimes include cranberries.

But the soup is freeform, and never the same from one kettle to the next.
I don't think I could duplicate a batch if I tried.
Sometimes I wish I could. The last batch was so good I started rationing it to make it last a bit longer.

Recent days have been cold, dark, raw...and occasionally sunny.
Sunny enough to melt some of the snow suspended above the ground, not insulated by the collective coldness of accumulated snowfalls and the thick ice layer covering the frozen ground.
You can see the snow melting into icy gems on this hyssop:

Still dazzling, long after the flowers and bees and butterflies of Summer have gone.


After rainy, snowy, gloomy days, I love to see the herd out in the sunshine.
The lateral light makes each goat glow around the edges.
This is Tsuga's daughter, Fern:

Fern, I am sorry to say, is a stubborn little imp.
But look at that face.
Butter wouldn't melt.

Are you resettled in Time after the holidays?
This week I spent all day Sunday thinking it was Monday,
then all day Monday thinking it was Sunday.
On Tuesday, I just stopped thinking about it.

Winter sunrise after a mid-night snow, view to the West