Sunday, November 9, 2014

fret-free sunday

For the first time in over a week, I will not be spending much of the day fretting about where to find nine matching windows. Because as of 9 AM this morning, I know exactly where to find them:

They are lined up on the screenporch!

The building of kneewalls will commence at 9 AM tomorrow.

After the delivery truck had gone, 
I worked with a light heart.
Even during the babies' hoof-trimming,
which is not a favorite task for anyone involved.

The sun was almost shining,
the air was almost not cold.
There was plenty of time for visiting,
especially with Acer and Betula.
I told them all about the windows.
The mood was quietly festive.
There may have been some spontaneous singing.

"Is that what that was?
I thought someone was grinding stumps." 

"Don't listen to Betula!
I love it when you sing!
And then we have carrots!"

little Vinca: Why was that big truck here?

Betula: It was delivering windows.

Vinca: Why do we need more windows?

Acer: They aren't for us.


Vinca: What? I don't understand. Isn't there a building project going on?

Acer: Yes, but it's not something for us.


LeShodu: The world has gone mad. Fortunately, our hay supply has not been affected. Let's eat.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Let's eat!