Sunday, September 23, 2018

weekend winding down

Saturday was the nicest day we've had in ages.
Cool and breezy.

After morning chores and doing the recycling, Piper and I went for a walk by the pond.

It was overcast, but very pleasant.

And after a while, the sun appeared!

The air was crystal clear. So much to see and admire.

I had carried my sketching chair into the woods, hoping to paint outdoors for a change if the mosquitoes weren't too bad.

And they weren't! The really vicious late-summer mosquitoes are still here, but they weren't out in huge numbers. So I chose a nice spot to set up my chair and sketch for a while at the edge of the wetland.

But every time I reached for my sketchbook, this happened:

No sketching allowed!
Fair enough, Piper.

It was such a perfect afternoon.
The very faintest beginning of Autumn in the air.
We had a great time, and I let Piper decide when it was time to head home.


That was Saturday.

This was Sunday:

I think Piper's weekend was a success!

I hope yours was, too :)