Saturday, December 20, 2014

a package and Piper

I've probably mentioned how much I enjoy finding packages in my letterbox. Well, this was my lucky day!

A package arrived from faraway I-really-want-to-visit Shetland, sent by the lovely Louise Scollay of KnitBritish. Remember WIPCrackAway? I got so caught up in the fun of the knitalong, I genuinely forgot there would be a giveaway drawing at the end. It was quite a surprise when I recently got a message on ravelry saying I was one of the winners.

A winner!
Of yarn!
And here it is!

This is Navia Uno, from the Faroe Islands - in case Shetland wasn't exotically remote enough for a New Englander - and contains two wools I haven't knit with (Faroese and Shetland) and in a new-to-me color!
Even the construction of the yarn is interesting; I don't know if you can tell by emiggening the pictures, but there's a core of wooliness wrapped in a thinner spiral of fiber.

It's pretty exciting to suddenly find myself the possessor of two skeins of yarn quite different from my "usual"...what to make, what to make?

Piper also loves packages,
and she likes to give packages a little taste-test.
But she doesn't touch yarn.

Piper put her head right next to the open package,
then stood perfectly still.
I didn't say a word, because I know
Piper has amazing self-control.
Also, she is easily distr- 

It really was a squirrel.

So Piper didn't even notice that, in addition to yarn,
Louise had very kindly answered my recipe request for "tablet"
(which she had mentioned on twitter recently,
and which looked like some kind of excellent fudge,
so naturally I asked for a recipe).
Well, not only do I now have an authentic tablet recipe...
I have a charming booklet of all sorts of recipes!

Well, one sort, really.
The best sort.

Thank you so much, Louise!
Your package really made my day  :)

And then, I made Piper's day.

Because a dog who wants very much to taste yarn
and does not...
deserves a run in the woods.

Don't you agree?

And I just dozed off in the middle of loading images.
It's not even 8 PM.
Looks like a very early night!