Thursday, February 18, 2016

owlcam 2016

I've been meaning to mention: the livestream that helped me remain sane in February/March 2015 is open again...

because the Great Horned Owls have returned to the nest!

Bonus: this year there are two camera angles to enjoy. The second view opens in a pop-up window so you can watch either - or both if you have the internet speed for streaming two at once. I don' took several minutes of trying to get this snap to show you:

If livestreaming is not possible at all on your connection, do not feel that you must therefore be owl-less...not at all! You can see many, many excellent screenshots and bits of interesting information posted on twitter every day, both by the camera operators and by people who are watching the cameras from all over the world. The twitter account to follow is ‏@SavannahOwls

These amazing owls have two eggs again...will we see them hatch?  :)