Wednesday, September 16, 2015

choose 1, times 2

Top of my to-do list today: choose replacement for nearly-defunct camera. The research has been going on for several weeks, and I've narrowed it to three models. I am so tired of "shopping," even online.

My little camera has served me very well. I'll miss it. Here's one reason why: I took both these snaps from my chair in the Upper West Side paddock. One right after the other. Snap-snap.

See that yellow oval?
(It was easier than an arrow.)

Here's what's in it:

Not a tremendously sharp image, it's true.
But not too shabby for a camera that fits in my pocket.


In other news, I'm planning a dyepot before the month is out.
Perhaps using "ordinary" dyes instead of botanicals this time...

but haven't made up my mind yet.
Because first, I have to choose the base yarn.

I've been pondering this for a few weeks,
and finally had it narrowed down to two.

(Just noticed a pattern developing here.)

I emailed the seller, who I've not bought from in several years.
Asked if I might have a few sample yards of each of the 2 bases.
(There is a minimum purchase amount - a kilo - 
so this is a big decision/investment for me.)

The owner kindly sent the two samples,
each one wrapped with a tiny dyed sample of that base.
Which is just brilliant.
Dyeing is always an adventure,
but it's nice to start with a clue of how the yarn may behave.

And because Sheila knew what I was looking for in a base,
she also sent four more samples.

It was like getting surprise candy samples in the mail.

And because I know there are fiber folk reading this blog,
and some of you are dye-dabblers like myself,
I'm including a link and a shout-out to Sheila at

Thanks so much, Sheila.
I have now narrowed my choices down.
To three.

P.S. Do you sell cameras?