Monday, October 26, 2015

one is done

With all the unfinished tasks staring me in the face literally everywhere I look at the moment, it gives me a disproportionately huge feeling of satisfaction to finish something. Anything.
Even a tiny thing.

Like socks.
Done and dusted.
Tout finis!

The Bluefaced Leicester socks have been excellent October bedtime knitting. It's gotten me back in the rhythm of daily knitting, whether for five minutes or two hours at a go. For the next several weeks, I'll try to have something on the needles at all times; the process simultaneously distracts and calms. Bonus: something genuinely useful is created.

Maybe there will be a pair of heavy boot socks next. Or another of those ear-hugging hats to send to the next cold-eared person I hear about. (Is it you? Let me know!) Just something simple. Complex fiber endeavors can come later, when I no longer need to focus most of my attention on "Before Winter!" projects, because it will no longer be "before" Winter.


Where are my needles?

I rolled up the cuffs of my dungarees for this snap,
so Dani can see the flannel lining  :)