Monday, September 8, 2014

the blues in two keys

When I was first passing through Colorado and stayed 7 years or so,
people back in New England often asked,

"So, what's it like out there?"

I'm not sure what they were asking, really.
But I thought they were asking, "How is it different from here?"

So I would mention the landscape colors.

Not that all the colors are different, of course,
but the overall landscape palette is distinctly different.
At least to my eye.

I thought of this yesterday, when Piper and I went for a walk by the pond.
Because after a night of thunderstorms,
the sky was crystalline
and drifting clouds set off
the very different blues I associate with
Colorado and Massachusetts.
In one sky.

It's easiest to see in the big picture,
so here it is again:

The lighter, brighter blue near the horizon?
The deeper blue above the cloud?

Each different. Both perfect.

What color is the sky where you live?