Friday, November 8, 2019

a gentle reminder

There was a tiny chance of snow in the forecast last night.
And that's what we got: a tiny snow.
If the air hadn't still been very cold, sunrise would have melted it.

I hastened outside to give the hens a Special Breakfast,
see what Hazel and Bud thought about their First Snow,
and take a few snaps.

Because I didn't bother with gloves - or a coat, for that matter -
I soon realized that it was indeed very cold.
Had to thaw the ice in gate latches and break ice in the water buckets.
I took only a very few snaps before heading inside
to hold my fingers under cold water for a minute, then warm water.
Ahhh. That's better.

Then I had a bowl of curry for breakfast.

I'm not saying I feel like this mushroom:


I feel like the mushroom behind that mushroom.

But the sky is becoming a pale blue and it's not raining,
so today is going to be a fine day for doing things.
For doing All The Things.
I hope!
Because this tiny snow is the gentle - if chilly - harbinger of Winter.
And there are just a few things that still need to be done.