Thursday, February 5, 2015


The little birds have found the feeder again.

Early in the morning, before the sun is up - 
hence these dark pictures -

they begin to appear, perching atop branches
and clinging vertically to the icicles hanging over the windows,
awaiting their chance to swoop in.

Some are willing to share.
Some are not.

But sooner or later,
everyone has a turn.


There has been a lot more snow this week,
and also some snowstorm knitting.
Bundled up in the big chair by the parlor window.

With entertainment.

It has been so brutally cold lately,
I've been feeding the squirrels.
It helps keep them from going insane
trying to winkle seeds out of the bird feeder.
We all need a little help from time to time -
don't we? - 
to keep from going insane.
In February.

Which is why I made a handknit "cozy"
for my hot water bottle.

Do you use hot water bottles?
Or do you associate them with Wodehouse-era pranks
and slapstick calamities?
I used to be in the Wodehouse/calamity camp,
having never seen or heard of a hot water bottle in actual use.

But after reading a thread on ravelry
where many Irish and British and European ravellers
gently expressed their surprise that everyone doesn't
routinely use hot water bottles...
I bought one online in 2008
and became a convert.

Encasing one's hwb in a woolen cozy
will help it retain heat for much, much longer.
So wouldn't you think I'd have knitted one a bit sooner?
I have no excuse.
Until now, my hardworking hwb has been
wrapped unceremoniously in an old polarfleece pillowcase.

Well, not anymore!
I began this project for
the Stitched Together Random Rummage Craft-a-Long
and finished it in four days.
It still needs a light steam blocking
to even out those wonky stitches...
but it's pretty cozy, alright!

I hope you are faring well, whatever your February weather.

Try to stay warm if it's cold
and cool if it's hot.

And whatever you do...

don't run out of hay.