Sunday, August 25, 2019

sunday snaps

We've had two days of genuinely pleasant weather.

Not too hot.
Not too steamy.
Not as many mosquitoes and biting flies.

I turned off the fans in the barns!

For the first time in months I was able to enjoy staying outside after chores,
instead of heading inside to peel off soaking wet clothes and dry my hair with a towel.

Today, Della helped me photograph the bees in the perennial gardens:

"There's one!"

And Moxie helped me work in the big vegetable garden:

"That's enough work for a while. Let's sit in the shade."

But Piper said,
"Honestly? Gardening has never really been my thing.
And Those Goats are EVERYWHERE!
I'm going back inside for a nap now."

Okay, Pip. I'll open the door for you, and put a treat on your pillow.

Then it's time to check on Those Goats.

Moxie spends a lot of time in the goat paddocks.
It looks like she's outside the fence here, but not really - 
she's in another paddock with other goats.

It must have been a huge relief for the goats to have fewer biting bugs.
This Spring and Summer has been, in a word, terrible.

This weekend all the goats have been quietly browsing or resting in the sun.
Not kicking at flies or flapping their ears to get rid of mosquitoes every few seconds.

I hope these gentler conditions will continue...
right into Winter would be nice!

Everyone relaxed.
Not a squabble, not a row.

Just the way I like it!