Sunday, July 17, 2016

sunday snaps

Piper and I were determined to get into the woods today.
I packed water, snacks, and the camera.
And a special rawhide chew in case Piper was Extra Good.

It was very hot and humid. We didn't walk far.
Piper wasn't even interested in running way ahead.
Or running in circles around me.

Or running.

And as soon as I chose a spot and took off my pack,
she carefully chose a spot also.

Look at that draped tail.
Too humid to wag!

Not too humid to roll though!


But just one good shake and she's re-styled.

We stayed on a slope by the pond for a long time.
So long, a few birds began to land in nearby trees.
 This bird perched high overhead.
I have no idea what kind of bird it is - do you?

 I think it may have been bathing,
and flew onto the branch to fluff and dry.

It took much longer than Piper to style it's look.
For that matter, it took longer than I do.
"Obviously! Just look at your hair!"

Why, is it full of twigs?
Because I've been walking though high bushes? 

I didn't take many, because it's such an important wildlife food.
But...I couldn't resist a few.


I hope your weekend contained some Extra Good bits.
As good as highbush blueberries.
And even better than rawhide chews.

Let's hold on to the good moments.