Thursday, November 13, 2014

a different perspective

Would you like to see a couple of goatcam snaps?
Here is Lily of the Valley,
looking out the open barn doorway.

And this is what she is looking at:

The largest round glow is the light over my back door.
One wall of the porch (with it's new row of windows)
is visible because of the floodlights at the gable peak.

The little bright rectangle of light in between
is the window of the room where I am typing
right this moment.

And in the foreground...
those two blurry vertical streaks?
Those are two tiny snowflakes.
They are not alone.

There have been a couple of brief flurries earlier this season,
but this is the first snowfall predicted to drop
a couple of inches here.
We'll see.

The builder is off til Monday, so I'll be focusing on other projects (fence tightening and gate building, for example) and general tidying up, indoors and out, depending on how cold it is. And taking Piper for longer walks. 

Piper has been shortchanged on fun for much of the past week, I am sorry to say, as the days are so short and I have been, frankly, exhausted. To be honest, even getting the evening chores done has been a struggle; I've started feeding and watering the moment the builder leaves, at 3 or 4 PM, and crashing the moment chores are done.

As a result, Piper has been enjoying an unusual abundance of treats and snacks each day, and of course she gets some exercise running around here at home, but it's not the same as snorting up and rolling in and running through the woods, even briefly.

"Are you feeling guilty yet?"

Today I had a chiropractic appointment, so I put Piper in the car and we stopped for a quick run in the woods enroute to my appointment.

 And then, on the way home,
we stopped again, in a different place:

And - bonus! -
those brief interludes were very refreshing for me, as well.


progress on the porch

Yesterday a few hours were spent on another materials run...more lumber, rock wool insulation for the kneewalls, adhesive foil and caulk for around the windows, and more nails. Lots more nails. 

But it was a gorgeous day, and a start was made on installing windows. I'm looking forward to having them all in place so I can adjust my eye to the different view - it's quite a change from the floor-to-ceiling screens.

I think it's going to be nice.