Sunday, May 25, 2014

at your request

More baby goat video, taken yesterday morning.
This time, with some words!
(Move over, Chris Chibnall.)


By the way, I want to assure you that the little black doe is
just as energetic and bold as her brother,
and the little silver buck also spends many hours sound asleep
and oblivious to his sister's repeated efforts to rouse him with a prodding hoof.

Their individual - and frequent - energy peaks are a bit staggered,
which seems rather tough luck for Lily!
But both kids are already so agile (mostly) and
so reliable about coming when she calls them (mostly),
that yesterday Lily decided she could have a few minutes of "Me" Time,
alone in the Chalet, while the babies were sleeping 20 feet away in the barn.

They grow up so fast, don't they, Lily?
Hide the car keys.



A few minutes after I saved that videofile to my laptop yesterday,
I went back out to clean the barn.
When I reached down to pick up a water bucket,
my camera fell out of my shirt pocket. 


Straight into the water bucket.

It's been drying ever since, and I'm trying to be patient.
Tonight I'll put the battery in and press the On button.
Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, just on the off-chance, 
I looked up my purchase info.
Lo and behold!
I had the foresight to pay for 
the Unfortunate Water Bucket Incident Service Contract,
and it should still be in effect.