Sunday, August 19, 2018

sunday afternoon

It didn't rain.
The humidity fell.
The sky was blue.
There was an occasional breeze.

I literally could have wept with relief.

The goats were so pleased with the change in weather, three of them would not even come into the barn for their buckets.

For the first time in many weeks, I took a sketchbook outside. Dusted the latest muddy hoofprints off the lawn chair - because they were dry and I could dust them off! - and settled down in the south paddock to Draw August.

There was company.

Lots of company.
The silver goat is Fern, and she is leaning against my chair.

There was close interest in the artistic process.

There was distraction. 
(Iris is trying to untie my shoe because I wouldn't let her jump into the chair.)

There was oversight.

There was drama!

(Bashing heads. This is a mother and daughter. I make no further comment.)


And eventually, there was Day 19 of Drawing August,
which is also #231 of Daily Markmaking 2018.

I had to come in and flatten out my spine for a couple of hours,
but it's still clear and pleasant outside.
It will be a genuine pleasure to do evening chores tonight.