Friday, December 5, 2014

not yet but soon

Remember the screenporch renovation project?
Today it looks about as we left it on 18 November:

After much scrambling, many phonecalls, and two site visits,
I have good news to share with you:
the new carpenter starts next week!

He came out last Saturday morning to look at the job,
when there was all that snow on the ground,
and agreed to take it on. Mid-renovation.

I've just been waiting for him to finish up his current job, and this morning he confirmed that he will begin "early-to-mid" next week. So, by this time next Friday (my birthday, by the way), I hope to have major progress to report.
Oh, I hope, I hope!

Meanwhile, I've been busy prepping.
At this point, the only way I can economize at all on this job is to find, buy, and fetch the materials myself, limiting both delivery charges and work delays.

Earlier this week I visited a sawmill and loaded up the hardworking Little Green Sportswagon with hand-selected lumber earmarked for the outside finish work and kneewalls. Today, I went back for a second load, this  time for the ceiling, and that lumber is also now neatly stacked on the porch. Unloading takes me quite a while. It's not hard work, I am just really slow. But it gets done.
A small economy, and a tiny part of the whole process,
but at least I'm doing something.

And I'll be picking up the insulation next.
By the time the carpenter arrives next week, this place will look like...
well, like a little construction site!

And a different kind of exciting (to me) news!
Tomorrow is the day of my very favorite tag sale of the year:
an annual fundraiser for the Pat Brody Shelter for Cats, in central MA.
Good people with good hearts, doing good work.
I always enjoy this event, and come home with at least one useful treasure or homebaked treat.

Even more incentive to unload the car tonight...
you never know what might turn up for a dollar or two.
Last year I brought home an elegant little rocking chair!

This year, I think Dara would like me to look for
Toys for Good Little Goats.

I hope your weekend will be wonderful,
wherever you are and whatever you do!