Wednesday, June 25, 2014

hey piper

Me: Hey, Piper, guess what!

Piper: Wha'?

Me: This box that just arrived in the mail? It's the camera!! 
We've finally got the camera back from the Little Shop of Miracles!!!

Piper: um, has the camera been missing? 

Me: What?! It's been gone for weeks!
Weeks and weeks!

Piper: Oh.

Me: Haven't you noticed on our walks by the pond lately,
that I don't stop every few seconds to take a picture?

Piper: Of course I noticed. I was thrilled.
I thought I had finally trained you to Walk Properly.


Dear Readers, if you are still here...

I will be putting the revitalized camera through it's paces very soon,
and there will be lots of images and updates to come.
But I couldn't wait to share these first snaps,
taken minutes after I brought up the mail and opened the package.
Piper, who declined to accompany me to the letterbox
on the grounds of, "It's too h-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ot....",
 was at first mildly interested in the package.
(Treats often come in packages, you see.)
But you can judge the level of her excitement
when I brought out The Camera.
Me? I felt like jumping up and down in joy!
But Piper had a point:
it truly is Summer now, and it really is hot.