Thursday, February 8, 2018

wednesday with words

Well, at least the forecast was accurate.

Heavy snow, beginning in the morning.

And continuing for several hours.

In case you are wondering, these goats and several others were standing out in the falling snow by choice. They were standing next to the stilt barn, which was empty. The Clubhouse - the space under the stilt barn where even the biggest goats can shelter comfortably - was also empty.

Don't ask me - I don't know. I checked in case there was a monster or a demon or a cranky raccoon in the barn but found nothing amiss.

So I distributed more hay indoors and out before returning to my own little shelter.

In the afternoon, the snow changed to sleet - again, as predicted - and evening chores were done in a world where every exposed surface was covered with a glistening coat of ice. Slippery for critters and dangerous for trees. It's pretty to look at, but that's the only nice thing I can think of to say about it. Tomorrow's forecast is cold but sunny, and my fingers are crossed that the sun will melt the ice from the trees before a wind comes up or more snow falls.

I'll leave you with this not-very-good picture,
taken as I was coming in from evening chores tonight:

Does it make you feel like you are right here with me?

If so, better dress warm.