Thursday, November 28, 2013

thankful thursday

My world.
It's filled with things that make me feel thankful.
I tend to notice many of these things, daily.
Maybe it's years of practice.
Maybe I'm just lucky that way.

With the theme of thanksgiving so prevalent today,
I thought I'd share a few of the things that came to mind.

No strawberries in my garden this year,
but many in my freezer. 
Sweet-smelling reminders of hot summer days.
Today, this little bowl took the edge off a day so cold
the gate latches were all frozen shut.

And this bird?
It may not realize by what amazing luck
I was able to (somewhat) repair this feeder,
previously dismantled by several bears.
But I'm confident this bird is 
pleased with the outcome.
Which makes me very glad I decided to try.

And do you remember 
a couple of months ago,
when Lily was suddenly dead lame?

This morning, like most mornings,
when I hung up Lily's feedbucket 
I gave her a pat and told her how glad I am that she healed so quickly and so well.

A happy outcome with any animal, and any injury,
but this was a little special.
Because this was Lily's first year as a mamagoat,
and she is a natural.
With a good, sound attitude.
She has a lot of promise.

So every day that she was on three legs
gave me cause to feel anxious.
Likewise, every day since
has given me cause to feel joyous.
And I do.

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving Day - today or any other day - has a lovely one! And I hope all your days are filled with things that make you feel thankful.
It's a nice feeling.