Sunday, June 14, 2015

tempus fugit darnit

Tansy and Fern are eight weeks old.

Where does the time go?

Both are already exploring career paths.

Tansy seems inclined to become a bonsai specialist:

"Bonsai...that's the thing where you take a normal tree 
and make it be tiny, right?"

While Fern is apparently interested in becoming a physicist:

"Look! I can already diffract light with my ear!!"

Meanwhile, I'm doing my very best to keep plugging away.
Repairing fence. Adding gates. Rebuilding. Replacing.
Very glad to have a hired helper for a couple of hours weekly.

My old friend HayMan stopped by for a chat last week.
I mentioned that I just can't seem to "get caught up"
and he said, "Everybody is still trying to catch up after last Winter. Doesn't matter what kind of place you have or how big or small it is, everybody got behind and is still trying to catch up."

So maybe that's the way the Summer is going to go?
Makes me feel a little more tired just thinking about it!

But now it's Sunday night, the chores are done,
and all is peaceful.
Here's to a fresh, new week for all of us!