Tuesday, April 4, 2017

a goatherd's toolkit

Planning and prep work are essential components of the Goatherd's Toolkit.

For example: someday you may need to persuade a goat to stand still and keep it's foot in water for 20 minutes.

Twenty minutes is exactly 19 minutes 59 seconds longer than your typical goat wants to have a wet foot.

Therefore it's helpful to have a goat who, like Sambucus here, is already accustomed to being handled every single day, rain or shine. And who has every reason to believe that putting on a collar and tie will result in a bucket of delicious grub appearing like magic.

Preparation in this case also includes having everything you need within reach before putting the goat's foot in the bucket, because after that moment, you won't be moving for 20 minutes either. One hand will be on or very near the goat, the entire time, ready for action or distraction. Goats have a way of moving that can best be described as "explosive." Being alert can make the difference between a successful treatment for a sore hoof or an upset, dripping goat and an equally upset and even more dripping goatherd.

Of course, in addition to all this planning and prep, flexibility also has value. For example, when spontaneous expert assistance is offered from a courteous distance...

...it's invaluable.
Thank you, Betula.