Tuesday, May 5, 2015

way back in April

Only five days ago, waaaay back in April,
the daffodils were just beginning to appear.
Not the flowers, but the leaves.

And the vinca was just beginning to bloom.

Now, only five days into May,
we've had several days of high 70s.

Yesterday and today went over 80F.
It's like summer.


the trees have not yet leafed out.


instant summer heat, but no summer shade.


The goats aren't complaining, but they're quiet.
Spring came so slowly, most of them are still wearing
remnants of their winter coats.
(Not the babies, of course.)

I'm taking fresh water to all paddocks several times daily,
and today I added electrolytes to some buckets.
Can't hurt.
And besides, goats like a choice.
All goats.
Even baby goats.

Success! That single, perfect blade of grass!

Brief newsflash:

the last big interior task on the porch renovation
is now scheduled for next week!
The gentlemen who urethaned the walls
are coming back to do the floor.

It's going to be exciting to really "move in" at last.

And finally, one special treat to share
from our walk yesterday:

a Great Blue Heron.

And companion.

They are getting ready to move in, too.

I was very close before I saw the herons,
so Piper and I quickly moved on,
leaving them to consider potential nest sites in peace.
Fingers crossed they'll choose to build where 
I'll catch a glimpse now and then.
Such fantastic birds.