Wednesday, December 18, 2019

cue the snow

At one point yesterday I thought the snow had stopped. I quickly suited up and got outside, planning to attach a new little birdfeeder to a window - the kind of lightweight plastic feeder that sticks to the glass with suction cups.

Quickly discovered that the snow had not stopped; it had become almost-sleet in such tiny particles that even while in it I could hardly see it, but could certainly feel it. Tried attaching the birdfeeder anyway - it slid downward on one side, but stuck in a crooked sort of way - and then went out to the barns to distribute hay.

While I was going back and forth with water buckets to the barn and the South paddock, the almost-sleet suddenly became Hollywood-style snow: giant flakes falling slowly and thickly from a white sky. I hadn't brought a camera, so please take a moment to envision a snow scene from your favorite holiday-theme movie. There. Like that.

By the time I went back inside, my footprints had already filled with new snow, and it was still snowing at dusk. I suspect we may end up with a bit more than the 2 to 3 inches originally predicted. As long as we don't lose power, and therefore water, I'm happy. There's plenty of hay and stovewood in the roundtop, cases of food for Piper and Moxie and Della in the kitchen, and everything I "need" to do for the next few days can be done online or over the phone, touch wood. I'm a lucky woman.

And I have plans for coming through this Winter in good form: