Sunday, December 24, 2017

night lights

It's very icy here. We had an entire day of freezing rain yesterday, falling on the existing snowpack. I drove slowly to the feed store this morning, stopped for a quick look at two bucks on the way home, took Piper for a very brief walk in the woods, then came home with plans to Stay Put. More snow is predicted tonight and tomorrow, and it's very pleasant to think of the stockpile of hay, the crockpot full of soup, the supply of good dry stovewood, and just...being Home.

When I was doing the barn chores tonight, the moon briefly peeped out from amongst the branches of tall trees, and I took a quick picture:

After the third trip to fill goat water buckets, I decided to spend ten minutes doing something just for the joy it might bring:

Fairy lights strung between the workshop and the barn, visible from the porch. I am a simple person in many ways, and my thorough enjoyment of tiny colored lights is a very good example of this.

And in the parlor, yet another form of light:

I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, so...good night!