Saturday, March 4, 2023

the week in wilds

 View this morning:

Today is going to be spent quietly, and every tiny task crossed off the list will be celebrated with a sense of accomplishment out of all proportion to the actual endeavor. It's been a challenging week, and I am not feeling my best. I intend to be as kind to myself as I would be to someone else. It's an experiment.

Meanwhile, here are a few images of visitors to the Wildlife Area,
 taken over the past week:

A chickadee, the official Commonwealth Bird, 
about to fly off with a sunflower seed.

A bluebird(!) waiting for a turn at the water basin or a feeder.

Two mourning doves resting in the young maple.

And three varieties of woodpecker!

"Hairy Woodpecker"

"Downy Woodpecker"

"Red-bellied Woodpecker" 

The lack of imagination - and observational skill - and relevance! - involved in the "common naming" of woodpeckers has always baffled me. I am sure we can do better.
Let's think about it, shall we?

And finally, although it IS snowing at the moment and has BEEN snowing for many hours, it has NOT snowed every day this past week. So here is one character who lacks neither observational skills nor imagination:

grey squirrel

I'm so glad the red squirrels and grey squirrels seem to have reached an agreement to coexist here in peace. I have even watched one grey squirrel and one red squirrel play together, and I watched them for quite a while before feeling convinced that's what they were doing. Made me very happy.

I hope you're weekend is shaping nicely!