Saturday, March 4, 2017

kiva giveaway

Remember when I did that Kiva giveaway?

Well, right now, Kiva is doing a huge giveaway in honor of International Women's Day.

They are inviting people who have never made a Kiva loan to make their first $25 loan for free.

I don't know how they are doing this, but they are planning to fund
3 million dollars in loans by the 8th.*

I just don't see a "down side" to this.

If you'd like to read my post about Kiva and the work they do, here's the link to the giveaway giveaway post. Please check it out or just go straight to the Kiva website.

I love Kiva.

*Edited 11:55AM Sunday 5th March

When I posted this last night, the "free loans" were still being given away. But Sally informs us in her comment below that the "free" loans were capped at $250,000 (which I did not know or I would have mentioned it...but still pretty darned impressive!) which have now been given away. So the goal is to have additional "regular" donated loans to women add up to $3 million by International Women's Day.

Thanks very much for that update, Sally - and thanks also for making a loan!
I believe I will follow your lead :)