Saturday, November 16, 2019

saturday shuffle

Wednesday was a very, very long day.
Thank you all for your kind thoughts!
They helped.

Thursday likewise, but at home: non-stop working about the place, with a couple of hours of able assistance from my Occasional Helper.
Yesterday ditto, except without the able assistance. But with the electrician,
who restored power to the outbuildings, one month after the storm and the fallen tree.

HUZZAH!!! No more frozen water buckets!

I've been so very tired, and totally "done" when evening chores are finished.
Too tired to eat. Too tired to sleep - which is such a weird thing,
but I'll bet you've experienced it too.

Today I'm hoping to get back into a rational rhythm, so to speak.

I'm starting by posting these snaps of recent #DailyMarkmaking efforts.
Some nights it's been literally just a scribble - I'll spare you those! -
and these are terrible snaps, I'm sorry.
But if I wait to take more, it will be tomorrow. Or Monday.
So I'm just going to post them here and keep moving.
I won't be moving fast - or "fast enough" according to the goats - 
but I shall continue to creep along and get somewhere eventually.