Sunday, July 19, 2015

round and round

Yesterday, a long-awaited opportunity came to pass: I attended a monthly meeting of a regional spinners' group, and was kindly given a tutorial in using a spindle. Actually, several spindles!

L to R: top whorl, bottom whorl, and supported spindle,
plus three bases for the third type.

Now I have a bit of an informed starting point, and can decide whether to invest in a spindle to practice with, and if so, what kind. Everyone in the group was spinning on a wheel - and there were many different types of wheels, also! - but several spinners shared advice on who makes good "beginner" spindles, and where I might find one.

Of course, you know me...I'm thinking of making a rudimentary spindle to play with, rather than buying one. In fact, if I had access to a lathe, I would be thinking not so much about spinning wool at all, and instead would be thinking very much about making spindles! I do love working with wood.

Say, I wonder if I could build a rudimentary lathe?  ;)

I hope your weekend brought happy adventures!