Monday, February 10, 2014


We've had more snow.
Some of us are happy:

Others are not so thrilled.

This morning I tried to take a picture of LeShodu.

"Shodu, will you turn this way so I can take a nice picture?"


"Please? Just one picture of your pretty face?"
and I will now press my face against this wall
until you GO AWAY!"

"Hey! You can take my picture! I'm a happy goat!"

(Unfortunately, Betula's attempt to get my attention by swiping me with his hoof is NOT acceptable. Sigh. Everyone is just a little tired of the cold and snow. They are getting restless, and this is a perfect time for experimenting with Bad Habits. Which I will be fighting in August if I let them slide now. So I can't. 
Are you listening, Bet?)

Ah well. It's mid-February. 
Time to bring out the heavy artillery against Cabin Fever.

Which in this case, is laceweight.