Friday, May 3, 2013


It wasn't exactly a "New Year's Resolution," but this year I have been making an effort to have a few fresh flowers in the house at all times.

An occasional trip to the local florist shop has provided colorful carnations and aromatic hyacinths:

But now the flowers are homegrown.

And glorious!

For many years I did not like to cut flowers, especially as the survival rate for my plantings is very low.  (It's a combination of poor soils, low light, and my not-green-at-all thumb.)

Then I realized something.  The hardy survivors, these scattered clumps of healthy, flowering plants are usually seen - at most - once daily.

In fact, there have been years when the short-lived blooms had already come and gone before I thought to look for them!


But this Spring, when I cut flowers and bring them into the house, they are seen and truly appreciated.

Dozens of times.

Every day.

Seems like a good idea!
I wonder how many of my other routines could do with a re-think.


How about you?  Are there any routine things you have begun to do in a different way, and found it to be a wonderful improvement?  I'd love to hear about it!