Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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tuesday tidbits

It's hard to write about what's going on here without mentioning the terribly hot and humid weather. I'm not complaining about the weather; it's just that it is playing an inescapable and major role in my daily life.

In the past month we went from unseasonably cold weather - pots of soup and turning the heat on for an hour every day to take the chill off the house - to "how crazy would it be to turn on air conditioning in May?" with absolutely zero transition in between. For weeks it was too cold to plant, then literally overnight it was unpleasant to work in the garden even before the sun was up. I've managed to get a few seeds planted, and the first sprouts are just beginning to appear.

yellow filet beans

I'm trying to do a little bit in the gardens in the early mornings; weeding or planting. I don't know if I'm hopelessly behind in my gardening this year, or if it just feels that way because the weather says it's August.

asian cucumbers

Last week when Peter (I finally remembered to ask if I could use his first name on the blog instead of calling him "my hired helper") was here, we created a small, Slightly Raised Bed. Worth the effort, but after hours spent on the task - and Peter always comes at 11AM, so the hottest part of the day - I was pretty much useless for two days following. Whew.

Small but carefully crafted. 
First, raking out all the leaf litter, twigs and debris: that's the pile in the left foreground. Then, digging out several inches of soil and rocks: that the pile in the right foreground. Next, using the cart to move a pile of rotting wood to be laid as the base of the bed: that's what you're seeing in the center. After this picture was taken, I spread small branches and that pile of twiggy leaf litter on top of the wood, added a couple of buckets of mucky shavings I've been saving from the Poultry Palace, and topped it all off with the pile of soil and some wood ash. I watered it to help settle the whole bed a little, and watered it again the next morning after planting a hill of summer squash and an edging of chard and chives. The first two squash sprouted this morning. Fingers crossed!

Today was hot but there was often a lovely little breeze, and it was also somewhat less humid. After chores and weeding, Piper and I went for a walk in the woods.

Piper still turns away the moment she sees the camera.
She was a dot in the distance when I took this sneaky picture.
Since this heatwave began, Piper has been spending most of her time flattened out on the floor or in one of her several cushier sleeping spots. Invitations to come outside with me - even invitations that include jingling car keys - have been treated with a lack of enthusiasm that, frankly, borders on disdain. (A bit rude, Piper. Really.)

But today, Piper played "Race You To The Car!" This consists of Piper bounding ahead then turning and running straight back at me several times in the hundred feet between back door and car. The likelihood of having a 50-pound juggernaut slam into my knees adds to the excitement of this game. Piper can stop on a dime, but whether or not she will is sometimes in doubt.

I have been knitting the Leighton Socks at night, while watching Netflix. I'm finally enjoying The West Wing - the whole series, in chronological order - for the first time.

The socks were finished last night, during season 6.

This yarn was a pure joy to knit.
I began with a lace stitch pattern as planned, but after knitting a couple of inches, decided to rip it out and begin again. This plain stockinette stitch is perfect for the subtle tone shifts of the yarn.

I'm happy with the result.

How are things in your neck of the woods?