Tuesday, March 8, 2016

spinning and longears

photo from SYA Rescue website
There is a benefit auction going on this week that I thought some of my readers might find interesting.

It's for a small but very active Donkey and Mule Rescue group in New Hampshire. I found them when I was hoping to adopt a pair of mules, before I was advised that on my tiny property, the longears might be too assertive to be good companions for the goats :(

Anyway, this online auction has a variety of items, from gourmet cakes to ceramics, but one item really caught my fibery eye (at the moment this is literal, since I get a single cashmere fiber in at least one eye every morning when I'm combing):

Kromski Interlude spinning wheel package

(excerpt from the Facebook auction description)
Briefly used as a display model in a fiber arts shop. It is in pristine condition - the only yarn ever spun on this wheel is shown in the photo of the bobbin/flyer. It has a durable clear lacquer finish and includes all original accessories- 3 standard bobbins, orifice hook, oiler, and Allen key.Included: high-speed flyer (with bobbin, for a total of 4 bobbins) for spinning finer yarns and the pound of Shetland/Finn wool roving in the photo.If you choose to pick the wheel up in Springvale, ME, the donor will provide a 1 hour spinning lesson, an additional pound of fiber (lots to choose from!) and a farm tour. The farm is home to a handspinner’s flock, other assorted critters, and an awesome mule who is one of SYA’s adoption success stories! Additional guests are welcome.If you will need to have the wheel shipped, please estimate the shipping and make sure that you are comfortable with the cost before bidding. The wheel will be shipped in a custom-made cardboard shipping box that measures 25”w, 25”l, and 17”h. It will weigh approximately 24 lbs, and will be shipped from zip code 04083. The buyer will need to arrange for pickup and shipping with FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Please also note that the wheel will be disassembled for shipping. Assembly instructions will be included, and there is assembly instruction video available online. VALUE: $620.00

Dear Readers, this wheel is valued at $620, and the starting bid is $350. 
This seems like a nice opportunity for someone looking for a wheel, and since I know many of my readers are spinners - or know spinners - I thought it would be well worth sharing here. Please pass it along if possible...the auction is on til Sunday the 13th, 9PM EST.

And if by happy chance one of you should end up with this wheel, please let me know. I'd love to send you a little something in celebration ;)