Wednesday, February 1, 2023

right now

 14F. Perfect for crossing the threshold into February.


  1. Adorable!
    Before enlarging, looking closer, I was thinking...What kind of goat is that!?
    Happy February!

  2. I would love to pick that chicken up and stroke her. Made me remember the chickens my mother had and I made pets out of most of them.

    1. Only one of these 7 hens likes to be held. Her name is Snug.

  3. White rabbits! (And black that an australorp?)

    Chris from Boise

  4. I've never had Australorps, but used to have black Jersey Giants, and they were stunning! Two of these chicks were sold to me as JGs but they were not. In the snap, the one in shades of grey is a "lavender" Orpington. The darkest hen, Velvet, is one of the blue-egg-laying hens, which seem to have many names.

  5. finally getting a little warmer here in Southern Ontario.


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