Monday, March 4, 2019

back to normal

Again with the snow.

I don't know why the snowplow goes back and forth in front of my driveway,
over and over again.
It's a small road.
Even though there is a little intersection with another small road,
it seems like once or twice in each direction would do the job.

But the driver drops the plow with a sound like cannonfire
then scrapes loudly forward
- I can't think of an adequately loud grinding sound to compare this to -
for 15 seconds or so,
then lifts the plow and reverses a bit,
then drops the plow (BOOM!) and scrapes loudly forward again.
Over and over and over.
This morning I stopped counting at 16, but it continued on.

And this morning, as usual, it began at about 330AM.
This has been "normal" lately, including several times in the past week.

I am happy that the road is being plowed, but I wish I understood the method.
In general, I believe that when people understand what is being done and why,
there is a much better chance that everyone involved will be happy.
That's why I consider environmental education and forest management outreach programs two of the most useful jobs I've done so far.

So, if any of my readers drives a snowplow on back roads in a tiny rural town,
please talk to me in the comments.
I'd really love to be able to embrace these 330AM wake-up calls.

imagine big yawn inserted here


  1. From what I gather, drop and scrape is removing snow that doesn't have a direction the plow can move it forward to. The scrape brings the snow out where the plow can get at it.
    The sun is out here.

  2. I do know what you mean about that 'noise' of the plow blade dropping--my apt on the bottom floor faces a curve in the driveway--so just a few feet from my bedroom window and when he does that same thing--you 'sit up in bed' for sure!!!
    I am thinking that maybe that plow driver is trying to 'fill'up time for his overtime/time card--so he keeps doing your road over and over--whether it needs it or not!!
    just my thoughts on it--
    luv, di--oh and spring is coming--or at least that is what everyone keeps telling me--

  3. Cannonfire - that's a good description of what it sounds like! Our house rattles when they do it here.

  4. That would be hard to wake up to! We're far enough away from the road that we never hear them. But then, they come so rarely, LOL. We're lucky if they remember us at all. Fortunately this year we haven't needed their services as most snows have only been a couple inches.

  5. Have to love (not!) those early morning wake up calls! They've been doing some construction just down the street less than a block away and they start at ungodly hours of the morning with trucks backing up (and beeping!!) and thumping. And for awhile (about three or four months) they were drilling under the river and banging through rocks and who knows what else. Of course all this noise would start before the crack of dawn and then....miraculously....stop about noon and off they'd go, not to be seen again until dark-thirty the next morning. Sadists!!

  6. That is crazy! I hope that he doesn't leave a huge snowbank blocking your driveway! That happens to us but it takes only one or two passes to block us in!!! Pretty snow photos!

    1. The fellow who plows my driveway usually comes after the town truck has been - sometimes long, long after, as he knows I am don't need to get out and on the road early every morning these days - so fortunately, getting blocked isn't as much of a problem as it used to be.


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