Thursday, March 7, 2019

brief bird bulletin

I've been scattering sunflower seed on the ground,
hoping for a return of the mourning doves.

I haven't seen them yet.

Happily, I love cardinals, too.



  1. Very nice. There are birds that prefer branches around as well. If there's thick shrubbery, then it would be a miracle not finding a tweeting mass of sparrows in there.

  2. Pretty cardinals. My ex-husband's grandmother always told us when you see a redbird, you should close your eyes and make a wish. :) The doves here love to eat the cat food I put out for the street kitties.

  3. oh my - how beautiful!!! We have cardinals around us but they never come to our feeder.

  4. I love cardinals too! Keep sharing - we have no birds that are so brilliantly colored here!


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