Wednesday, October 10, 2018

new logo news

Between ordinary tasks, I've been working to put together a few cashmere-related items to send to Rhinebeck - the annual and massive Duchess County Sheep and Wool Festival in upstate NY - for the Cashmere Goat Association booth. I've never done this before, and only got the word a few days ago about what type of items are acceptable for sale. Such a short deadline! I emailed a friend who is going to Rhinebeck - sadly, I am not - and asked if she would be willing to take my items along with hers. She agreed.

Then I took a deep breath, hit the ground running, and haven't stopped since.

Due to the time limitation, I am having some of my goat photographs mounted, and also made into blank greeting cards. And since I wanted to add a logo to the back of the cards, I took the opportunity make a new one.

Would you like to see it? You'll be the first :)

A graphite portrait of Lily - I think it was from #DrawingAugust 2016 - 
provided the base image.

Here is the new logo, created this morning, so fresh it's barely dry: 

What do you think?



  1. Very nice, but it shows up on the dark side here.

  2. Thanks - I almost went darker than this :) I wanted a smooth transition from very light to very dark grey, so as long as you can read "cashmere" I'll be happy. I hope you can!

  3. Everything is easy to read. I love Lily!

    1. Thanks, Sally - it's always hard to know what something will look like on screens vs. in print - I appreciate the report and I will tell Lily she has a fan ;)

  4. I love the logo and Lily.. Everything showed up very well here

  5. Lily must be proud! It looks great and I'm so glad you're turning some of your excellent photos into cards...they should do well.

    1. Thanks very much for the encouraging word - fingers crossed!


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